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Meet the Founder

Ariane Foster

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Ariane is a heart-centered, traveling soul who works with you through a person-centered lens and solutions-focused approach. She tailors your yoga sessions with evidence-based research with you at the forefront of it all to ensure you receive quality care and feel supported to create your yoga habit.


Ariane integrates her years of personal experience practicing yoga, meditating, breathing, and traveling the world with her years of studies & teachings to children with Autism, people with disability, and humans of all kind across the globe to continuously bring you new nuggets of know-how that foster those rituals you require to be well. She believes in you and will deliver therapeutic tips and tricks to meet your life demands, thrive in all your ambitions, and truly live your dreams.

Through Ariane's own yoga, meditation, and mindfulness journey, she's learned that she is her own best friend and can be content with life no matter where and no matter what. Her soul-fire pursuit in life is to support others to cultivate, nourish, and feed this feeling through three main pillars: Connection. Curiosity. Courage.

If you'd like to get inspired today to live your dreams and see how a yogic approach can support you to create healthy, happy, and helpful habits, please reach out for your free discovery call.

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Ariane Foster is a passionate yogi herself and first fell in love with yoga when she was a teenager. She continuously delivers mindful nuggets of information about the science behind yoga, meditation, physical postures, and breath work that will surely support you to sustain your own practice.


Yoga stretches far beyond the four corners of your mat, and Ariane shows her students how to carry away those everlasting benefits. She is here to support you to implement your practices, so that they become your habits even after the session ends. 

Ariane’s teachings embody elements of nature, whilst integrating themes of mindfulness, and cultivating synchronised sequences into one holistic practice. Passionate about how movement frees the mind and body, Ariane is a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher having completed her first yoga training in 2015 and is now undergoing her Yoga Therapy licensure. 

Her long-term work in the disability and community service sector provides Ariane with a yogic approach that is body positive, trauma aware, gender sensitive, and accessible which encourages everybody to enjoy yoga. Ariane meets each student wherever they are on their journey to inspire habitual feelings of home, on and off the mat.

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200 Hour Vinyasa

Bird Rock Yoga
San Diego, California U.S.A.

Yoga Teacher Training

Meditation Trainings

Various Locations and Schools

  • Wise Mind Meditation

    • with Wisdom Yoga Institute​

  • The Wisdom of Dying

    • with Embodied Philosophy​

25 Hour Yin

Warrior One Yoga
Melbourne, VIC Australia

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Therapy trainee

Wisdom Yoga Institute
Perth, WA Australia

  • 60 hours Anatomy and Physiology training

  • 80 hours Yoga for Chronic Illness training

  • 50 hours The Business of Yoga Therapy

  • 60 hours Mind-Body Wellness training​

  • 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training

  • 80 hours Mind-Body Wellness Yoga Therapy

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