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Meet the Founder

Ariane Foster

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Our Foundation

Any good story starts with a pain-point right?

Yoga first found Ariane when she was an angsty teenager living in Eau Claire, WI around about the year of 2006. She tried her first yoga class and instantly felt reprieve in both her body and mind. Ariane's yoga practice continued to grow alongside her as she went to university at the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Spanish in the year 2013. As she cultivated her professional career in Behavior Therapy, Ariane had a calling to dig deeper into her yoga profession too. 

In 2015, Ariane moved westward to San Diego, CA to explore a new way of living, the warm weather and ocean waves, and most importantly, enroll in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Yoga was a regular mind, body practice for her as she worked in the disability and community service sector for over 10 years; it also began to be a regular path for her to express her creativity and teach others the amazing benefits that yoga offers. 

A long story short, and in the year of 2020 while living in Melbourne, Australia for five years, Ariane enrolled herself in a Yoga Therapy program which is said to be the 'masters degree of yoga'. Many, many hours of learning (+650 hours in fact) the root of yoga and how it can be applied therapeutically and unlearning the classical, westernized model of yoga, Ariane was called to open her own sanctuary for holistic yoga practices and share the goodness of the yogic lifestyle.

It wasn't long after moving back to the United States, and back to her hometown of Eau Claire, WI in June 2021 that (one of) her wildest dream(s) became a reality... a space where the purity and heart of yoga could touch the broader community to enrich the wellbeing of the individual which then lifts the collective to live a life of total wellness.

Habitual Yoga Space is truly an extension of Ariane. Her long-term work in the disability and community service sector and traveling some of the world provides The Space with a grounded, authentic, and holistic approach to yoga with applicable insights into how to implement yogic practices to your everyday life. We want each student who enters The Space to feel comfortable, feel at ease, and uncover everlasting feelings of home from within themselves that then exudes outside of themselves.

We work everyday to be trauma aware, body positive/neutral, gender sensitive, and accessible both physically and mentally. We want to break down the barriers of modern-day yoga, that of the aesthetics and facade that appear all too often on social media and within the walls of many yoga studios.


We are here to inspire habitual feelings of wellness into your life, beginning on the mat and extending beyond the bounds of The Space's walls into your everyday, present moment. We realize wellness is a spectrum and runs different for different people. That's why we believe there is no one prescribed idea of wellness. What does wellness mean for you? We are here to support you through the mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual connection to your wellbeing regardless of how you are in this moment reading this very sentence. 

Ariane's mission to uplift the lives of her fellow community is backed with evidence-based information about yoga, and she practices what she preaches. She is passionate about yoga because she knows how much it has supported all of her wild life choices that have led her to this beautiful space in life, right now.

Let's create your yoga habit, so you can live, breathe and be the truest and well-est version of you! Your story doesn't have to end with your pain-point; let that be just the beginning.

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200 Hour Vinyasa

Bird Rock Yoga
San Diego, California U.S.A.


Meditation Trainings

Various Locations and Schools

  • Wise Mind Meditation

    • with Wisdom Yoga Institute​

  • The Wisdom of Dying

    • with Embodied Philosophy​​​​​

Yoga Therapy

Wisdom Yoga Institute
Perth, WA Australia

  • 60 hours Anatomy and Physiology training

  • 80 hours Yoga for Chronic Illness training

  • 50 hours The Business of Yoga Therapy

  • 60 hours Mind-Body Wellness training​

  • 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training

  • 80 hours Mind-Body Wellness/Trauma-informed Yoga Therapy

25 Hour Yin

Warrior One Yoga
Melbourne, VIC Australia

About HYS: About
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