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Class Timetable

Therapeutic in Nature

Experience classes like Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work, and Social Circles all in-person or online at Eau Claire's accessible and inclusive yoga space.

Drop-ins: [$17/class]


The Experimental: [$22/eleven days] Intro offer! Try out all our classes for 11 days. Valid for those who's first time it is at the space.

Unlimited Membership:

The Ritual - unlimited classes and renews each month [$99] Access to ALL classes an unlimited amount of times per month.

PERKS: - Come to as many classes as you can, no limits

- You also save 10% on all of our monthly workshops

- Bring one friend per week FOR FREE to a class with you

Class Packs:

The Natural - 5 Class Pack: [$77] 5 classes to be used within 90 days of first class booked. By purchasing this Class Pack, you save $2 on every class!

The Mystical - 10 Class Pack: [$144] 10 classes to be used within 6 months of first class booked. By purchasing this Class Pack, you save $3 on every class!

To purchase a Class Pack or Membership - click Book Now > Do you have a pack/subscription? > Sign in > Choose your membership

Download the Momence App through your mobile device, and make booking as easy as 1,2,3!

Please send a message if you are having any issues booking into a class or have any questions about Class Packs/Memberships. xx

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"Ariane’s warmth, intelligence and attentiveness were what caused me to feel extremely comfortable with her since my first class at Habitual Yoga. She uses interesting examples to explain a movement or explain a visualisation for a position, which always keeps me engaged and fully activated. I always leave her classes feeling like I’ve learnt something new. She sometimes does a little spray with essential oils, which I love."

Anthony Duckworth

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