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Elemental Meditations ~ channel your inner-nature with these guided embodiment meditations

Read these easy meditations, have someone read them to you, or let your computer speak them to you (highlight the words, right click, and find “speak”/“speech”).

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.


Close down your eyes. Take a big breath in, and sigh it out. Soften the tension of the face. Start to visualise yourself sitting near a flowing river. You can see the water rushing down stream. You notice the width of the water channel, the depth of the stream, and the lush landscape holding the river. With your mind’s eye, continue to scan down stream.

You come across some rocks obstructing the clear pathway for the river to run. Examine the size of the rocks. Explore their textures, shapes, colours, and other qualities. You see that the water still runs around these rocks. The water is never really stuck.

Now, as your thoughts wander away from this scenery, gently refocus your attention on the river and the rocks. Perhaps, with the next thought that enters, you can explore its size, texture, shape, and colour. Examine your mind with ease like the simple flow of the river's water. Allow the thoughts to become just as fluid when the stagnancy of life starts to consume our bodies, minds, and spirits. Continue to watch the thoughts as you flow down stream...

Gently bring yourself back into your body. Open your eyes one blink at a time. And move with effortless ease amongst your day whilst enjoying the scenery of your mind.


*You can be inside or outside for this meditation. When referring to ground, it can me the actual soil of Earth or whatever ground you are on i.e. bedroom floor, yoga mat, or office chair.

Find a seat, and ground your bum. Wiggle your body into stillness. Have soft eyes at the floor in front of you or seal the eyelids closed. Plant your palms flat onto the ground’s surface (or your lap if sitting in a chair).

Feel the pulse of life as we come down into our inner-landscape of being. Envision your fingers sinking into the soft, supple soil of our earth. The arms become one with the ground. Draw your awareness down your body. Feel your feet digging into the depths of the land. Your legs become one with the earth. Your entire body nests into the support of Earth’s fertile soil. There is no distinction between you and earth.

Listen to the whispers of wisdom, as you surrender to the sensations of being held, nourished, and connected to ground. Gather the ground’s tremendous spirit as you feel centred and loved from within. Fully absorbed in Earth’s woven tapestry of connection, can you continue to explore the inner and outer landscapes of your existence?

Continue with this visualisation for as long as you need, and when you’re ready, gently come back into your space, return to your presence, and enjoy these moments of meditation beyond your seat.

Follow Habitual Yoga Space on Instagram for recorded Elemental Meditation videos, and visit to book in your live online yoga class ~ elements to come: fire, wood, air, and metal.

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