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Transcend into Tranquility - top tips to reduce stress and introduce some r & r into your life

The first half of this year has certainly illuminated the degree of stress that is held in our world. From the blazing fires of Mother Earth, the health pandemic that’s affected all of us global citizens, and the 21st century race revolution, these six months of 2020 have shed much needed light on the issues of our existence.

We’re a society run on stress.

That is, our flight/fight/freeze mode is almost always active, which debilitates healthy functioning of our organs, our emotions, and our actions. When our Sympathetic Nervous System is fuelled up to maximum, there is no way for our bodies or minds to harmoniously co-exist in our modern world. We’re stuck in this primal playground of ill-perceived threats, which lowers our threshold for tolerating (known or unknown) triggers. Our reactivity is escalated and leads to quick-tempered decisions.

But stress is not sustainable.

Anger is not a sustainable form of action.

Tension does not sustain the change we want to see in our world.

So, what is sustainable?

Compassionate action.

Turn your hate into love for the mission behind your actions.

Turn your anger into motivation to be the change.

Turn your disgust into grace for all.

Compassionate action is bred from our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), this place of rest and digest, restore and explore. We will no longer perceive triggers as threatening. We increase our tolerance for the disgrace we witness in our world, thus enabling ourselves to respond instead of react. We create opportunity within ourselves to explore the way our minds and bodies want to answer to life’s demands. With reduced stress, we carve out the space it takes to live with loving kindness at the centre of our actions - even at the most disdaining of times.

But how?

Here’s a top tip to drop into your PNS, get out of your head, and feel what lies within your body. Our bodies tell us so much information, we just need to listen.

  • Turn off any and all screens including music, podcasts, etc.

  • Silence alerts and set a timer for 30 minutes

  • Dim the lights

  • Boil water & find a small towel/washcloth

  • Prepare your oils

    • Lavender

    • Peppermint

    • Wild Orange

    • Frankincense

    • Carrier oil i.e. coconut or almond oil

* If you don’t have these specific oils, any you have will do

  • Drop the above listed essential oils (no carrier oil) into a large bowl with the boiling water and place washcloth in bowl

  • Rub your carrier, lavender, and frankincense oils on your feet ~ yum!

  • Then lie down and be cozy

  • Ring out the warm and oily towel from bowl and place over your face

  • Breathe calmly and deeply

  • Continue to soak the towel when it cools and press firmly into your temples giving yourself some much needed r & r

Surrender to what surfaces in the slivers of silence.

May you feel all it is that you need to heal in our stress-filled world. May your body, mind, and spirit return to a healthy and happy homeostasis. May you continue to drive your life with compassionate, kind, and loving action to make the difference you want to see in our world.

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30 ביוני 2020

Such beautiful words from a beautiful soul. Practical advice from your open heart.

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