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Yoga and NDIS

Can I use my NDIS funding for Yoga?


I've been a Yoga Teacher since 2015 and have been working with people with disability since 2012.

I've supported young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder for five of those years and grew with the NDIS's evolution here in Australia. I have experience working with adults with ranging diagnoses such as: Schizophrenia, Multiple Sclerosis, Intellectual Disability, Post-Polio Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, and Chronic Pain disorders.

Having spent nearly two years as a Local Area Coordinator, I have fluent knowledge in the internal structures of your NDIS plan and can guide you to maximise the use of your funding with services you enjoy most.

How can I use my funding with your yoga services?​

If your NDIS plan is either Self-Managed or Plan-Managed you can pay for your yoga sessions with your NDIS funding. I simply send you a bill each fortnight to be paid within 7 days.

Not sure what this means? 

Please ring me [0403487754] or send me an email [] and we can discuss in more depth. 

My goal is to make yoga accessible to every body, and I do so by meeting you exactly as you are in your life journey. Using my extensive understanding of the human body and psyche, I am competent to work with people who have physical and/or psychosocial 'disabilities'. I aim to bring ease and mobility to the body and mind, giving you added strength and flexibility you never thought you had.

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