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New Year, New Mindset
Yoga Course

Ready to ditch the resolutions and find a more mindful way to live in the new year and beyond? In this 4-week course you will be equipped with sustainable practices and regular rituals to master your mindful mindset.

Access your intuition and create healthy rhythms that best fit your own unique life. You'll be guided by a Yoga Therapist and Health Coach to uncover your wellness rituals.

Meeting Tuesdays in January '23 from 7pm-8.15pm starting January 3rd.

What's included in the 4 weeks:​​
  • Weekly Yoga
  • Mindful movement
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Sacred journal prompts
  • Group coaching
  • Community shares and discussion
  • Meaning making exercises
  • Soul-nourishing food
  • Access to private social group for weekly communications
  • Pot-luck style community dinner
  • 30 minute discovery coaching call with Yoga Therapist or Health Coach
  • Lifetime of connections to like-minded humans
  • Unlimited access to Habitual Yoga Space studio classes

Roadmap of your 4-week course

Live intentionally, change your life

Week One

Cultivate Intention Setting

Week Two

Tap into Intuitive Eating

Week Three

Flow with Mindful Moving

Week Four

Bringing it All Home

Gone are 'resolutions', in with intentions! Learn about your specific Sankalpa and set your 2023 intention with ritualistic practices like a smoking ceremony, intentional movement, reflective & prospective journalling, and breathwork.

Discover how to nourish your soul by listening to your body's signals & unlearn conditioning like yo-yo dieting, diet culture, and more. Engage in an intuitive eating exercise to help you find your food freedom.

This week you'll learn how to engage with your practice in a more meaningful way through each passing posture. Rhythmically move your body with cues to amplify or modify your practice both on and off the mat. Then, radically allow your body & mind to rest in order to sustain your Flow State.

Your opportunity to put what you learned into a complete practice of mindfulness including movement, meditation, and breathwork. Foster community and connections whilst feeding your soul with a pot-luck style meal. Even as the course comes to a close, you will feel prepared to move mindfully through the new year!

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