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How to Love Your Body by Jordan H.

Keep reading as Jordan explains the initial steps needed to love yourself exactly as you are today. ✨🙏🏽

Have you ever been told to “just love your body!”

Okay... but what does that even mean? And how do you actually start appreciating this current body you call home?

If you want to work towards loving your body, try starting with body neutrality! It can seem impossible to go from a negative mindset about yourself all the way to loving everything you see. You wouldn’t go from your first karate lesson to trying to break a board in half, would you?

Without having the proper training in place before taking that first chop you would end up in some serious pain and possible injury. The same is true when it comes to loving your body as it is! Trying to just wish yourself into a body-positive mindset without proper time and training can leave you feeling disappointed and discouraged.

Body acceptance is a spectrum, not a place we just arrive at, with body neutrality being the first step. While body positivity is the concept of constantly loving your body no matter the size, body neutrality does not focus on physical attributes. With body neutrality you acknowledge that your body is neutral, not good or bad, it just is. As a neutral entity you can respect your body for what it does, not its physical features. Once you find yourself in this place of respect it’s easier to start celebrating what your body, the home for your amazing self, can do!

Maybe you’re in the camp of “I want to love my body, but I don’t right now”. That’s not wrong! You definitely don’t need to feel guilty if that’s where you’re at. You can’t just flip a switch and automatically love the way you look. Especially if society has constantly told you that you should hate your body just because it doesn’t meet the current beauty standards.

If you are ready to take some first steps toward making peace with your body, take the initial step with neutrality. You can’t love your body without first respecting it.

To get started try listing 3-5 things you’re grateful your body can do.

For example - I’m grateful my body can....

● Take me snowshoeing with my family.

● Swim with my friends (thinking of warm weather)

● Be home to my amazing mind!

● Birth human beings (wild!)

● Care for the people around me

Now, make a list of your own!

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Learn actionable steps toward body neutrality and body acceptance. Show yourself some gratitude through gentle movement, journaling, and affirmations. Walk away with skills to respect your physical body as it is, and take nourishing steps towards a loving self-care routine.

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Every Body is a Good Body & Every Day is a Great Day to Love Your Self ♥️

Written by Jordan Hauser our Healthy-ish Coach and Fitness Instructor at Habitual Yoga Space. 🙌🏽🏜️

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