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Build your yoga habit with us!

21 DAY

Why a 21-day challenge?

Studies show that it takes at least 21 days to build a new habit that sticks. Here at HYS we ask you the question - what better habit to have than yoga, right?

Yoga supports:

*Physical strength and tissue lengthening

*Easier agility in every day activities/functional movements

*Mental resilience and increased emotional bandwidth

*Improved immunity

*Higher self-confidence without arrogance

*Better self-esteem and connection to self

*Reduction of anxiety, depression, and stress

In this 21-day yoga challenge, we incorporate yin practices, soft and slow sessions, vinyasa classes, and upbeat and invigorating practices. Since yoga is not all about the physical postures (asanas), you can also attend a meditation or breathwork session to add to your 21-day practice! As a women-owned business, we know that not every vinyasa class will suit your needs that day nor will a slow flow be what your body or brain need pending on your cycle! That includes men's ebbs & flows too! 

This 21-day challenge will invite you to attune your mind to what your body needs in every moment. You will be encouraged to embrace all the emotions that surface and not spiritually by-pass the integral parts of being human. You may likely be challenged physically too as you try new styles of practice whether that's in movement or stillness!


We start on June 21st - the Summer Solstice - and end on our one year anniversary - July 11th! Come celebrate the magic of yoga, life, and local business while you put your health & wellness at the forefront of all that you do!

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Join the 21 Day Yoga Challenge!

Attend a class in-person or choose from our on-demand section of yoga, meditation, and breathwork. Your wellness is the biggest investment you can make for yourself, but we've also thrown in some amazing prizes!

Two winners will choose from:
*$100 off our Thailand Retreat (February 17-24, 2024)
*Free Ritual Membership for one month (valued at $99)
*Free yoga basket including our high-quality and sustainable Eco-Manduka yoga mat, mat wash spray, yoga blanket, and our branded HYS t-shirt (valued at $155)

How do I enter?
Book in your 21 days of yoga with us (online classes or in-person). Use our exclusive 21 Day Memberships to book your classes.

How do I win?
Complete at minimum 1 class per day. For additional entrees to win, come more than once or view more than one video per day! Then, all people who have completed the minimum of 21 days will be entered to win! Only two winners will be chosen, so definitely opt in to take more than one class when possible!

*Free for our Ritual Members
*Come to the studio an unlimited amount of times per day!
*Unlock over 21 on-demand classes in our online library
*Connect with your mood/energy for the day and choose a flow class, a simple breath practice, or a chill meditation - yoga is not just the physical pracice!
*Chance to win 1 of 3 amazing prizes (winner chooses!)
*Your ROI (return on investment) of your health will thank you for it 

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Enrol today to unlock your yoga membership

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