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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Culminate these three c’s, and take the risk of leading a fruitful & joyous life.

Connection is the primary pillar. Firstly, connection to the self is essential before we can start to connect with others and our environment. To cultivate connection, one must be able to tap into their needs and deepest desires.

You can find the call to connect from the depths of your heart.

The sentiments of connection are often challenging to put into words, as it’s a feeling of pure bliss, love, and joy. Connection cultivates lingering qualities of home within ourselves and everlasting peace wherever we go - no matter what happens. When connection increases, anxiety reduces, depression lifts, kindness consumes, and authentic relations are formed.

What practices can you ground into that serve as anchors for connection? Maybe it's meditation, running, chatting on the phone with a loved one, smiling at your neighbour... etc. Do more of that!

Curiosity follows suit, and stems from our inner-child’s spirit. We are forever students soaking up knowledge and information like sponges. Curiosity is the antidote to the fear of the unknown. Let's harness our inquisitive nature to fall in love with what we don't yet know.

You have the capacity to create your dreams by investigating what's right in front of you.

To love your life, to play, to smile and laugh are all actions that can so quickly be lost in the hustle and bustle of our modern day lives. When we live our lives with curiosity, life enables us to explore and expand our horizons. We have the ability to write our own narratives and tell our own stories. Being curious fuels our flame to continuously learn and promotes play. Of course, when we create our dreams there are set-backs and challenges, but how do we ever know, if we haven’t cultivated the curiosity to try?

What sparks your interest that you haven't tried yet? What makes you feel alive? When are you most excited? Make a list and start doing them!

Courage is the third pillar that gives us the ability to take action into our keen sense of curiosity. Without courage, our dreams remain our dreams…

Channel the courage to be yourself so radically that you actually live your dreams.

We must step into the change we want to see in our world. We must be brutally honest and transparent with ourselves; what do we really want in life, who do we want to be, and where do we want to go? Approach life’s offerings by leaning into the answers of these vulnerable questions. Trust your gut! Learn as you go, and trust that the challenges you encounter will ultimately enrich your life to make that sh*t a shimmery, shiny gold.

What are you afraid of? What scares you? Become the brave being that you are and take authority of your life, express your emotions, and trust in your truths to live your courageously abundant life.

These three pillars flow sequentially from one to the next and yet, at the same time, have no specific order. They serve as common cords that thread between one another with the ebbs and flows of life's complex circle. It takes knowing and loving yourself - connection - to play with your creative spirit - curiosity - to then pave the path for you to step into and act on your intrinsic fearlessness - courage. You must have courage to connect with yourself and be vulnerably curious to explore your wildest and deepest desires.

What life are you leading?

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